"ESCAPE" & target towing

Military projects to calculate the point of impact (since 1989)


Electronic target towing

System to measure the point of impact at military target towing drills. The system came into action when the target was towed by an aircraft and was used for artillery training. The system gives a perfect feedback because it shows not only the difference between the target and the shot but also the direction of the miss.


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"Escape" – the effective safety method for helicopters and other aircrafts against fire from the ground

Aircrafts on missions, and especially helicopters in slow speed, are under permanent risk of fire from the ground. Most of the times this situation is realized too late after the first hit is taken instead of the when the first shot is made that most of the times miss the target. So in the end valuable time to take defense maneuvers is lost then. The “Escape”-system helps in these situations by providing a detailed display of all shots from the ground including by how much the shot misses and in which direction.


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