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Concept ZEOS is based on selling electric vehicles with batteries, which can be charged by the owner as well as changed on exchange stations (“PowerTower”). The vehicles will have up to date GPS systems that will guide the driver to the next station automatically if the battery runs low. The exchange will take less than a stop to refuel patrol (60-90s) and the driver can remain seated in the car. An billing-system that uses ident-numbers of the battery and the vehicle, will charge the owner then with the provided extra energy.

When charging in the own garage other intelligent systems will be used that will automatically try to buy cheap energy at peak-off hours. The system of battery-exchanges on long distance trips will eliminate the shorter-range-disadvantage of electric cars, which is the main concern today against these kinds of cars. However the typical advantages (no disturbing noise while driving, no emission, possibility of recuperation (recirculation of energy during braking), smaller mounting dimensions and more space for the passenger room) will come fully into effect.

In contrast to other vehicles in the market ZEOS bribes with its holistic approach. Only the building of strategic alliances with energy suppliers and political parties will create opportunities to let the energy-supply-network grow parallel to more electric cars coming into the market.

The realization of the ZEOS-mobility-concept is based on two pillars. Firstly the production of ZEOS-vehicles and secondly the building and operation of the energy-side (“Power-by-the-hour”), which will buy and lease the batteries, operate the exchange-stations as well as organize the sales of energy at the owners home (including intelligent billing systems, energy recovery into the network at peak-hours, etc.).