"Star-Gear" & freewheels

A continuously variable transmission and innovative freewheel-concepts (since the end of last century)



Continuously variable transmission with geared neutral function (starting without clutch) is a long time goal of all inventors in the transmission-sector. Until now this was realized only with concepts that have high loss of efficiency (i.e. bevel gears) because of their force-fitting structure.

Star-Gear is a continuously variable transmission with interlock-fitting structure and in some versions geared neutral function. Gear wheels and freewheels are interlocking so high efficiencies are realized.



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Freewheel-Projects (since 2004)


Interlocking freewheel

While developing continuously variable transmissions, freewheels more and more became the limiting factor of the whole concept. To improve the technical specifications of the used freewheels a completely new concept was invented and patented that allows gears to lock into a gear wheel so higher forces can be transferred.


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Freewheels as vibration absorbers

Another invention coming from the freewheel-development was the use as a vibration absorber. The freewheels in this case use the one-sided transfer of torque to reduce vibrations in the drivetrain.


 Vibration absorber from the company Vibracoustic Source


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