Project overview

The project “ID-Taxi” (formerly working title “iTaxi”) is based on an innovative electric car (ID-Taxi), which is designed to address all of today and future requirements of the VIP-shuttle and taxi markets globally. It is based on the project “ZEOS”, which was founded by our team in 2006 and was further developed since then. The requirements, for which the ID-taxi was consequently designed, are the following:

  • Environment friendliness
    - "green"
    - Fully electric
    - No emission
    - No Smog
  • Surrounding friendliness
    - Suited for the cities of the 21st century
    - Low noise
    - No pollution
  • Ultimate comfort
    - Electric door
    - Extended safety
    - VIP interior
    - Panoramic view from all seats
  • Interior variability
    - For taxis
    - For business
    - For VIPs
  • Radical innovative
    - 100% Carbon Composite
    - 100% electric drive
    - Curved panoramic wind-screen
    - Superior open space

Step 1 of the project (since 2013) is the building of 2 fully functional prototypes:

  • Prototype 1
    - Designed as a VIP shuttle with VIP interior, 2 single back seats, etc.
    - First drive test was in December 2014
    - Finishing was in March 2015
  • Prototype 2
    - Built as a technical prototype with taxi-configuration (seating bench, etc.)
    - Finishing is planned early 2016

Both prototypes share the same specifications:

  • Body and chassis (full monocoque) 100% out of Carbon Composite in “one-shot” technology
  • Body consisting of only 11 individual parts
  • 100% electrically powered with a range of up to 400 km
  • Fast exchange system for the battery (located in the middle below the floor)
  • Unique panoramic curved wind-screen with no columns or other obstacles for the driver’s view
  • Fully-electric, adjustable 2-part gull-wing door allowing easy access
  • Flat interior floor and spacious open interior

In the actual phase 1 of the project (phase 2 will start in the middle of 2016) the following goals will be achieved:

  • Complete virtual engineering of the car and all of its components
  • Complete documentation including part lists, weight lists, assembly instructions, etc.
  • Access to RTM-robot-technology including production parameters and -programs for the Carbon parts in “one-shot” technology
  • High quality molds for a small batch series of up to 100 cars
  • Detailed plans, designs, constructions and calculations for a mass production of 6.000 or 50.000 cars per year


ID-Taxi: Local transportation in its environmentally and surrounding friendliest but also most variable and comfortable way. Join the taxi-project of the future – ID-Taxi!

Technical Data

Category ID-Taxi
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) in meter 4,65 x 1,90 x 1,61
Empty weight in kg 1.600
Payload in kg 500
Range in km up to 400
Top speed in km/h 160 (limited)
Emission (well to wheel) real ZERO
Passenger area Larger than premium class
Comfort Larger than premium class
Battery capacity in KWh 63
Time of battery exchange < 10 minutes

Video zum ID-Taxi-Projekt

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ID-taxi network partners

Our NetworkLogos Taxi at the ID-Taxi project

euro engineering AGee Wiring, CanBus, electric commissioning

EV CarsevcarsBattery, commissioning, motor tuning

First Composites GmbH firstcompConstruction & production of carbon monocoque

HERMS-Technologies GmbH hermsWiring, CanBus, electric commissioning

Bernd Kußmaul GmbH kussmaulDesign & realization of interior VIP shuttle

TM Design - Thomas Müller tmDesign, Lights, CAD construction & door cinematics

VELA Performance GmbH velamitCAD construction & design, “class A-Strak”

PHT Airpicture GmbH phtVideo-production incl. drone-shots

Investor Relations

For further information and details as well as a detailed business plan for this project please contact us.

You can find our contact data and a contact form here.