Project overview

The project “Dragon-Aviation” offers a great investment opportunity into an innovative project, which combines an actual market chance in the segment of plane-production for private aviation with a competence network of experienced companies and persons in this sector.

The planes of the Dragon-family all have a technical advantageous as well as optical attractive unique selling feature, which provides a very high recognition value for the whole product range. This leads to great chances to generate a good and expandable market position from the sales launch on.

On the financial side of the project there are great chances for two investment tranches, which can be used by two separate investors or combined by one. The investments are moderately put into stages in comparison to the expected high returns because of a concept, which is divided into stages and will generate first positive returns from sales in one of the early stages of the project. That’s one of the reasons for the very attractive yield opportunity.


Project Dragon combines several chances, which actual occur in the market of private aviation with superior technical features as well as a competence network with decades of experience and knowledge in this sector.

It´s vision is to build a family of airplanes and bring them into market, covering the whole span from 2-seated-trainer to 6-seated-long-distance-plane. All planes have the core feature of an integrated ducted fan in the middle of the plane.

Because of consequent use of Carbon / composite material all products will have an optical as well as technical unique selling feature, which provides a high recognition value as well as close to perfect flight and safety characteristics. Also the production facilities will have superior technology, so that low costs but high quality and constant outputs can be guaranteed even with the use of non-specialized workers.

Especially in the segment of 2-6 seated airplanes the market has a very long innovation cycle and very long product lifespans, so the market chance for an innovative newcomer (who in this case still has decades of experience) is very good. This chance is even higher because of actual market trends that provide great chances for a new entry.

Technical Data

Category Trainer Dragon
Passengers (incl. pilot) 2
Engine power 115 PS
Cruising speed 250 km/h
Range 600 km
Climb rate 4,4 m/s
Empty weight 360 kg
Total load capacity 600 kg

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Investor Relations

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