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What can I expect from you as my partner in terms of services?

Because of our long time experience, our outstanding networks as well as the competence in our team we can help and assist you in the following tasks in your innovation process:

- Analysis of your innovation potential in the ressources of your company

- Analysis of the innovation potential of your market

- Working out innovative ideas and chances

- Rating of innovative possibilities

- Working out a full project plan for your innovation (or general innovation) technically and economically

- External project management incl. documentation and reporting

- Strategic planning till market launch

We can offer you more services in addition covering more areas of your innovative process. Please get in contact with us for an individual offer!

Do I need an own idea or innovation to get in touch with you?

Definitly not! A systematical approach to find ideas exactly for your problem is one of our key features we can offer. From this idea we will generate product- and process-innovations suited especially for your.

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I am interested (as a partner or investor) in one of your projects. How can I get more information?

If you need further information than you can find on our website or if you want to get in contact with us please use our contact form or our contact data!